Earl Linton

    Steeped in a vast range of
    dance and music since his
    youth, Earl’s seasoned career
    as a performer, DJ, teacher and
    musician now fires his passion
    for all things Cuban, as anyone
    who has seen him call a Rueda
    on the dance floor will quickly

    From the tender age of 11, Earl
    has been profoundly involved in
    a vast range of popular music
and dance genres. Starting out in family reggae band,
playing trumpet and percussion, he toured the UK, while
at the same time busting moves on the college and
festival circuit as a performing break dancer. Hectic
timetable regardless, Earl’s desire to broaden his dancing
also guided him to immerse himself in ballroom and
subsequently jazz and fusion.

This latter dance incarnation saw him performing in clubs
across the UK and Europe as well as many TV
appearances. Extraordinarily, Earl managed to combine
this hive of activity with a career as a successful Urban
Grooves DJ, playing throughout Europe and the UK with
the likes of Tim Westwood and Trevor Nelson and winning
a batch of DJ Mix Competitions along the way.

A man such as Earl, packed full of passion and dedication
to his grooves was destined to cross paths with the vast,
polyrhythmic spectrum of Latin music and dance. And
when he did, a fair few years back now, he was driven to
another level. His enthusiasm for the new form knew no
bounds and drawing on all his dance experience he
quickly absorbed and became proficient in salsa in all

And when he finally connected to contemporary Cuban
music, his heart exploded with happiness as he’d finally
come home. Here he found salsa combined with a heady
mix of musical elements from his past and danced with
soul and sabor, which is what he loves.

Earl is a dynamic Cuban style dancer and Rueda caller
and extremely animated thorough and clear when
teaching. All of which is why we are thrilled to have him
as part of our teaching team at Cuban Hideaway Live.